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Breakfast For Brides

This spring Marry Me organized such a cool event for colleagues and clients
—Breakfast For Brides. To the magical breakfast we invited brides and best master
in wedding industry. We drank champagne, tasted delicious cakes and shared
valuable information about the wedding planning. Professional masters from
Prague told us about their services, important features and secrets. The
photographer showed what wedding photography is, the confectioner brought an
unrealistically delicious cake, the stylist told about the trends in wedding hairstyle,
the make-up artist made perfect makeup, the videographer revealed the main
secrets of the shooting. By the way, we also came up with a useful workshop and
demonstrated how an ordinary girl turned into a stylish bride. And of course we
prepared nice presents from Marry Me to our beautiful brides.

Daria Adamova
Emil Narimanov
Kseniya Valieva
Hair Stylist
Daria Kozhemyako
Makeup Artist
Liana Narimanova
Bridal Salon
WhiteDay Prague
Backstage was captured by
Nella Rabl and Daria Adamova


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